Shadow: Amy Rose the Hedgehog. No Amelia Rose the Hedgehog.. The love of my life. The reason why I live. The women I will run home to fuck to love. To kiss to kill and have kids with. Will you please marry me on December 25 2010?

Amy stared at him like he was crazy. Shadow put his head down. Amy slipped the ring on her finger and pounced on Shadow like a fucking animal. Ripping off his clothes. They staretd to fuck like the discovery channel… Wait never mind… They are the discovery channel.

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    Shadow: Amy:
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    And this is why I’ve given up on trying to find decent Shadamy fics.
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    DUDE, she’s “the women” he’ll run home to fuck and to love, to kiss kill and have children with. Which means she’s got...
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    Apparently the writer discovered The Bloodhound Gang once upon a time.
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